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BookSwap - Convenient platform for swapping books

November 26, 2018

BookSwap is the convenient platform in Georgia for people, who wants to find, swap, sell or buy second-hand books.

Swap/Sell second-hand books is quit actual in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Main idea, why I created BookSwap is that, the only way people could swap second-hand books in Tbilisi (Georgia) was though the Facebook Groups.

I personally tried this types of groups/forums and had a conclusion: even though Facebook group served us well long time and helped interested people connect each other, I had feeling that and I missed some functionality I wanted.

Facebook groups has its disadvantages, for example its impossible to make track of wanted book and get notified if someone sells or wants to swap it.

Its hard to find/search desireable book though the wall of hundreds of posts.

Thats why I created this side project called BookSwap.

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