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MERN monorepo boilerplate

October 14, 2019

alt text Hello reader, I want to talk about monorepo, and also will share boilerplate for MERN (Mongo, Express.js, React, React-Native/Expo…

Mobile Development with React Native

January 13, 2019

React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript It uses the same design as React Build a real mobile app (not hybrid…

BookSwap - Convenient platform for swapping books

November 26, 2018

BookSwap is the convenient platform in Georgia for people, who wants to find, swap, sell or buy second-hand books. Swap/Sell second-hand…

React Native Animated Flatlist

October 18, 2018

React Native Animated Flatlist Animate new item add / item deletion For animation I used great animation package for React Native Demo View…

English to Georgian dictionary for Kindle devices

January 30, 2018

I want to share open source English to Georgian dictionary for Kindle devices generated by me. Dictionary is not yet fully completed, but…

About Me

January 01, 2018

Hello, I am web & mobile developer based in Utrecht, Netherlands. I love photography, music and films. Programing Skills: Back-end: Nodejs…